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Embroidery Digitizing + Vector Art

Embroidery digitizing and Vector art

International +1 619 591-1084

$25 Left chest

on up to 8,000 stitches

$75 full back

on most designs

$15 simple

corporate logos, simple emblems

$25+ complex

photos, shields, poor artwork

Embroidery Digitizing

Although overseas prices seem attractive at first, you'll learn that our quality designs combined with our superior customer service will create recurring customers and save you money and labor -- which will ultimately increase your profits.


At Pro digitizing you have options. We can meet your budget at $25 per design or you can choose to have a more elaborate design for a greater price. Regardless of your choice, Pro digitizing is always committed to quality designs and guarantees all work!



Vector Art

We convert your images and artwork into high quality line art. We accept all image file formats like jpg, pdf, bmp, psd, etc. and produce can Adobe eps, ai, psd and Corel Draw cdr files.


Learn more about vector art



Quality Guarantee

Machines and materials are all made differently so we know that some adjustments may be necessary. If your design does not sew out correctly, we will work with you to adjust the design. If you are not satisfied, please contact us within 14 days for a full refund or credit to your account.

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