Revolutionizing Embroidery with Coloreel: The Future of Thread Coloring

Published: February 6, 2024

Coloreel: The Future Of Thread Coloring

Are you ready for something new and exciting? Yes, you read that right. Something new and exciting in the embroidery world!!!

We would like to introduce our readers to Coloreel: one of the most recent and innovative pieces of embroidery technology. For those familiar with the Impressions Expo, an annual showcase of the latest decoration machinery and technology on the market, you may have witnessed the eye-catching Coloreel unit atop various embroidery machine brands.

For those who missed the exhibition, Coloreel units have been capturing attention with their revolutionary embroidery technology, stopping plenty of show attendees in their tracks. This advanced technology streamlines the embroidery process by feeding a single spool of thread through the Coloreel machine and into an embroidery machine. It instantly dyes the thread through an internal sublimation process before intricately stitching it onto your garment. The result is a beautifully embroidered product with a faster and more efficient production experience.

Coloreel operates as a separate unit that is compatible with various embroidery machines, including multi-head machines. It reads a specific file, separate from the embroidery file, that dictates which color to print as well as the optimal timing for dyeing the thread during the embroidery process. The versatility of Coloreel allows it to print to a remarkable range of 35.5 million colors, which includes producing true gradient options and eliminating the need to switch needles for different threads.  With no trims or needle changes, your final product results in a smooth back finish due to fewer thread ties in your design!

Coloreel isn’t just about innovation; it’s also an eco-friendly solution. The instant dyeing feature eliminates the need for excessive water usage in other dying methods. At the same time, using a single thread contributes to reducing fashion-related waste, aligning with sustainable practices in the textile industry.

The Coloreel technology opens up a world of creative possibilities with its infinite color range, allowing for the seamless creation of designs with the smoothest color gradients. Forget about being limited by the multiple spools at your disposal – the vast gamut of colors is now only confined by your imagination.

We understand the importance of keeping our readers informed about groundbreaking technologies, and this new technology is the most groundbreaking thing to happen in the embroidery world since switching from old-school tape punching to digital floppy discs.

If Coloreel seems like the perfect solution for your embroidery needs, our skilled digitizers at PRO digitizing are certified through Coloreel for this specialized digitizing and are ready to assist. We can provide these specially digitized files tailored for this technology, including the color file read by the Coloreel unit.  If you have any questions about digitizing for this revolutionary method or are interested in a quote for Coloreel digitizing, please feel free to reach out to our team!  PRO digitizing is eager to help turn your creative visions into reality. Embrace the future of embroidery with Coloreel!

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