No Ready Art? No Problem!

Published: July 1, 2024

You have a great embroidery idea, now what?

Do you have an embroidery machine and sometimes think, “Hey, I have this great idea,” but you just don’t know how to execute it? Rest assured, PRO digitizing has the answer for you. As machine embroidery operators, your customers, friends, and family often think that you can just pull a design out of thin air and embroider exactly what they envision in their heads. Sometimes, you may have a great idea or suggestion for someone, but they can’t envision your thoughts. As we all know, visual references are the most beneficial in this industry. Here is where we come into the picture.

One of the many services we offer at PRO digitizing is the combination of vector art creation and embroidery digitizing for non-ready art orders to execute your vision. All we need is a visual reference of your idea. I would like to take you on a short journey through how we can transform your idea into a beautiful embroidery masterpiece that will impress your clients, friends, and family.

For starters, we need an idea. These ideas must be clear with instructions and have some sort of visual reference for our artists. Unfortunately, we do not offer graphic design services to create these ideas for you. Our services include converting your art into a professional file for machine embroidery, printing, or digital purposes. Once we have the instructions for the artwork you submit, we can create a vector file to use for digitizing your embroidery file.

So, what exactly do we need? To help accomplish this project seamlessly, we would need to start with some sort of art and instructions for that art.

The example shown above is similar to many customer requests for machine embroidery. We take this information and your images, then create a quote with our own detailed instructions for our artists. These instructions would be included in your quote for your approval and would read something similar to this:

Vector Art Creation
1) use the beach scene and fonts to create the logo, REFERENCEPIC.jpg
2) simplify the art for embroidery
3) use solid colors, no gradients
4) no shadow, sky, clouds or sand
5) add ripples to ends of water instead of straight

1) simplify colors as needed
2) increase text as needed
3) remove accents on “beach rentals”

Please keep in mind since we do not offer graphic design services, any text in your design must have a font reference similar to the ones you see above. Many resources on the internet provide fonts for you to reference. The most important point to remember when selecting a font is to ensure it is suitable for machine embroidery at the size you are requesting. If the customer wanted a left chest logo for this beach rental business, the selected font would work well based on the font’s thickness and the text’s size.

Once the first portion, the vector art, is created, the design is sent to you for approval before we proceed with the embroidery digitizing. As you can see below, we can transform your ideas into reality with a few simple steps for non-ready art.


Some examples of this process are much simpler. Customers may provide a picture of an embroidered item that they would like to replicate, and no designing is needed. The process would remain the same, and a vector file would be created first to use when digitizing your design.  

In whatever situation you find yourself in, PRO digitizing is here to assist you in completing your project in a seamlessly and efficiently timed way. Your customers will be thrilled to know you were able to bring their vision to life using our professional services. So, bring your ideas to PRO digitizing, and let us convert your idea into professional art. We hope to work with you on these projects soon.

Happy Stitching!!!

My name is Kenna. I have been in the apparel decoration industry for over twenty years. During these years, I have developed and managed production teams and artists specializing in embroidery and screen printing. In my free time, I enjoy spending as much quality time as possible with my family, traveling to new places, and experiencing new things.

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